Digital Age Spring Cleaning: Social Profiles & Professionalism


At last, spring is here again, and you know what that means!  It’s time for good old fashioned spring cleaning.  Sure, it’s a chore, but think about the end game: Rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to spring forward.  With this being a job blog—well, I’m sure you guessed it—today’s post is all about how to do a little spring cleaning so that you can spring forward in your job search.  Today’s Focus?  Optimizing your job search by cleaning up your social profile.  Here’s what to do:


Run a Google Check

Googling yourself is always a great first step to take in cleaning up your online profile.  This is because, believe it or not, Google, is a go to for both recruiters and hiring managers.  In a recent Career Builder survey, it was revealed that 48% of hiring managers use Google, or other search engines, to research job candidates.

Double check Your Post Content

Nearly 86% of recruiters will check your social media profiles.  So, when posting to social media, it’s important to make sure you are representing yourself well. Keep in mind that whatever you post will ultimately turn up in a Google search later on.  So, in terms of professionalism, here are 3 key points to advertise when you create your social media content:

 1.) Share Content Relevant to Your Area of Expertise

Make sure that the majority of the content you share is relevant to your area of expertise.  If you want to focus a recruiter’s attention on your value and strong work ethic, a picture of Miley Cyrus “twerking hard” probably won’t do the trick.

   2.) Highlight Volunteer Work

Recruiters want to see that you are not only involved within the workplace, but also within the community.  Highlighting your volunteer work experience showcases your moral values, which is important for employers to see when they evaluate whether or not you’ll be a good fit for their company’s culture.

    3.) Highlight Your Membership in Professional Organizations

Along with your commitment to the community, membership in a professional organization is also valuable information for a recruiter or hiring manager to come across.  It shows that you are willing to grow professionally and are open to learning from others, while also building professional relationships and making valuable connections.


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